[ Krystle ] (electro_trashh) wrote in cameraxwhores,
[ Krystle ]

name: Krystle
age: 19
camera type: nikon 8700 [8 mp]
interests: b&w, electro, fashion, and synthesizers.

5 favorite bands[and why, slacker]: xiu xiu, blonde redhead, desaparecidos, volcano, I'm still excited!!!, and Solvent. Why? Because I like synth.
5 favorite movies: I don't watch moves that often to have 5 favorites. But I do have 2, Breakfest at Tiffany's and Amelie.
5 favorite books: I don't read books.
favorite food[s]: Chinese.

o3*|whore qualification
do you consider yourself a camera whore? Well I think when you take more then 200 pictures a day, that qualifies.
[if so]how long have you been whoring? Since I got my new camera, so about half a year.
why should you be a camera whore? I take enough.

o4*|your photos
favorite subject[s]? People
least favorite subject[s]? Objects, random.
webcam shots[y/n]? n
photo manipulation[y/n][if yes what programs]? photoshop.
favorite setting on your camera? I don't have a favorite. I just use what will turn out the best.

o5*|sample shots
4-1o sample shots of your work here (none of you, please.)
(you can put 1-3 additional shots of you after the 4-1o of your work, but its not required.)

I usually don't take pictures of things. Mostly people;



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