Mel (senki_romkio) wrote in cameraxwhores,

camera type:Kodak Easy Share Dx7630
interests: Photography, writing, reading, music, stage crew, horror flicks, gothic literature, doing comentary on movies with equaly insane friends, musical theater.

5 favorite bands:

They Might Be Giants. None of their songs sound alike. You pop in a cd and you get a great mix of styles and odd lyrics to confuse the older relations. Not to mention Flood is a great Cd to play in the morning, just wakes you up.

Modest Mouse. I like Modest Mouse becuase they have an interesting sound. Good lyrics and intruiging album titles.

The Cure. My love of the Cure comes down to two things, Robert Smith's voice and Robert Smith's writing.

The Rat Pack. Old blue eyes, Dino. Come on, truly classic music that's smooth, romantic and good to write to.

Oingo Boingo. Two words: Danny Elfman. Not to mention every song is a trip, much like Cake. >_>

5 favorite movies:

Amadeus. Any movie about Mozart is alright by me.

Dogma. This traces back to a love for blasphemy and Jay and Silent Bob.

Lader 49. Friend of mine who dose comentary on movies with me is related to the main camera operator. Not to mention this was the movie that spured a million inside jokes which we're latter used to annoy ride operators at Six Flags. And ontop of all that, my closest uncle is a fire fighter.

Team America. Sentimental reasons behind this, it has nothing to do with the movie itself, oddly enough.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I love the writing and the artfull way it was fillmed.

5 favorite books:
favorite food[s]: Tricky

Mort by Terry Prattchet. Interesting look at death, he speaks in all caps.

The Effect of Living Backwards. Lack of linear time line.

1984 by George Orwell. First off I love Orwell. Back in Sophmore year when everyone eilce was whining about reading Animal Farm I was salivating and having lengthy conversations with my teacher on the symbolism in '84.

Dawn. Night was good but I personaly found Dawn more interesting and ended up writing an anilitical essay on it of my own free will after reading twice in one night.

Any Anne Rice novle. When I want a quick trashy read that sticks to my Gothicism specialality I take a visit to Lestat's head.

o3*|whore qualification
do you consider yourself a camera whore? Yes, I take too many pictures to be considered healthy.
[if so]how long have you been whoring? Wooooo, sence forever. I have spent so much money on film, developing and lately new digital cameras it isn't even funny.
why should you be a camera whore? See above reasons. Ontop of witch I'd like to add that art needs an outlet it dose no one any good if it isn't shared.

o4*|your photos
favorite subject[s]?: Buildings, things you find out in the street every day and don't bother to take a second look at, people unawares of a camera set to black and white, and Roller coasters.
least favorite subject[s]? The insides of my class rooms.
webcam shots[y/n]? No.
photo manipulation[y/n][if yes what programs]? I leave that to my younger sister who is strangely addept at it.
favorite setting on your camera? Scenic.

o5*|sample shots

Round, Round Merry Go Round.

Spinning, Spinning.

Private Party.

Not Invited.



Table top


(you can put 1-3 additional shots of you after the 4-1o of your work, but its not required.)
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